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Goldsvet 8.5 Classic Writing


Goldsvet 8.5 Classic Writing


Goldsvet 8.5 Classic Writing
It is the classic version of the Goldsvet script. You can use this script both online and offline. The online version is the usual online casino you know. If you use it in this way, you can receive payments in crypto. You have the option to use it offline. In this option, payments are made by hand.

Updated 8.5 core, Laravel 9, bugs fixed. In addition, a crypto payment system has been added that supports 15 cryptocurrencies.

Coded with PHP and Laravel. You will get fully open source code. You will have about 1100 slot games.It it includes dozens of Game providers. Slot games, table games, Fish Games, arcade games. All games can be played on mobile and desktop.

Added cryptocurrency payment via coinpayments / btcserver. Fixed RTP for stable play.

User hierarchy: administrator > agent > distributor > manager (shopkeeper) > cashier > player

Bonuses, Jackpots, SMS, security included.

Popular frontend Design.

Advanced content management system.

Free installation included for this product.
Server requirements

Dedicated/VDS / VPS / Cloud (non-shared hosting)
Operating system: Linux Ubuntu 20 or 22
Disk: min 180GB +(SSD is recommended but not required)
Bandwidth: 1TB+
Installation procedures

We do the installation on the same day during working hours.

You can get a server before or after purchasing the script.

Create or purchase a server with the above requirements.

When your server is ready, send us the information without taking any action on it.

Your server provider will provide IP and Login (root) information.

A domain address. The address where the script will run.

Cloudflare Account.

Please provide this information in order or send with contact.

Let’s set up your server.

Let’s install the script you purchased.

Then we will convey to you important information.

If you are experiencing any confusion, you can get our support..


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