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Turnkey project DragonMoney 7 game modes

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Turnkey project DragonMoney 7 game modes


the finished project includes: website implementation, setting up a payment system (freecass), setting up bonuses and an excursion through the admin panel. There is a list of advertising platforms for the start of 3 types of budget.

2 accounts – bonus and real, will give you the opportunity to test the site without replenishing the balance.Free coins – the ability to customize how much will fall out, and how often the player will be able to receive them

Requirement to join a group
Prize for 8 referrals
Promo codes – the ability to create, the number and amount of coins, as well as the choice of a bonus account or a real one
Referrals – 5% of the victory is credited to the invitee, as well as 0.50 when registering
a distribution – the possibility of creating a distribution, conditions can be to replenish the account or join a group, or both, also accruals can be to a bonus and a real account, the amount is indicated in the admin panel. Players enter the hand and after the time has elapsed, a winner is randomly selected to whom a prize is given, there can be many hands. Flexible distribution settings in the admin panel.
Modes – 7 Crash, Jackpot, Wheel, PvP, Battle, Nvuti, Hilo modes
Bots – a very flexible configuration of bots will create an atmosphere of great popularity of the site, you can configure the time of the game of bots, from which to what time a certain number of bots will play.
Chat- administrator mode (shows the administrator prefix instead of the nickname)
Blocked users (list)
Ban, unban
Delete a message
Clear the chat
Share the balance in the chat
Group moderator for the chat
The YouTuber mode will make him stand out from the rest
A flexible twist in the admin panel will help you create a great commercial!
The website design may differ from the main product photo (changes). There is an “Anti-freeloader” system so that the site does not go into negative territory with the influx of players.


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