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The script of the AdHook Nulled advertising network


The script of the AdHook Nulled advertising network

A unique script of the advertising network – AdHook is available for free. Adhook is a full-fledged advertising network script for business. AdHook is a marketplace where advertisers and publishers (webmasters) come together to sell and buy advertising spaces. Adhook supports an unlimited number of advertisers, publishers and advertisements. We have optimized the system for effective ad delivery. The only threshold is the performance of your server and the performance of the mysql database. The better the configuration and performance of your server, the more data objects you can have in the system. There are no restrictions from the script at all. They allow publishers to make money on other websites, and administrators keep part of the profits. Payment method: PayPal, Skrill, Stripe, Paytm, Paystack, Vougepay, CoinPayments, Blockchain and much more.

Admin Capabilities

– Secure admin panel.
– Advertiser management.
– Publishing House Management.
– Broadcast email marketing.
– Subscriber management.
– Creating an advertising plan.
– Selection of advertising types.
– Deposit Management.
– Remove The Controls.
– Deposit and withdrawal of logs.
– Remove Mthod Management.
– Manage email and SMS notifications.
– Site management.
– Frontend Content Management.
– FAQ and blog management.
– Setting up a social link.
– Reviews and statistics.
– Verification system
– Reg On / Off.
– Color Switcher template.
– Setting up the base currency.
– Pay per view.
– Pay per click control.
– Default advertising settings.
– Creation of a new subadmin.


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