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Script dump CSGORUN


Script dump CSGORUN


CSGO-RUN script (full version)

Over 30 thousand visitors daily, this game has become a real salvation for some, during the coronavirus period. It was created thoroughly prepared for the reception of traffic, and prepared all the amenities for the reception of its visitors. The game was especially loved by fans of the CS world shooter:GO because you can play both for real money and for skins from the game.

Visibility of activity – Bots will place bets on the site, as well as they will correspond in the chat.
Flexibility of the admin panel – Setting up bots on betting, chat. View all deposits and more.
The antiminus system (You enter a number below which the site’s profit cannot fall and the script will crash the game).

Main features
The game is adapted and works stably, both in the mobile and computer versions, duplicating all the functionality. For residents of foreign countries, it is provided to switch the interface language to English by changing the main menu item. In the mobile version of cs go ras it looks like this:

In the upper right corner, you can select the type of game. Options such as crash game, double, run flip, rollrun, matches (statics of upcoming and completed) are available.

In the main part of the screen, this menu item, there is a graph. An ever-running person who shows what the size of the winnings can be, and how rapidly it is growing.

The current coefficients, which are indicated on the screenshot of the mobile version above: 1,19; 4,47; 1,10; 1,29; 1,93. The color indicates its magnitude. Red is the lowest, purple is the average, and green is the highest value. By clicking on the coefficient, you can go to another page of the csgorun website with round statistics to check fair play.

The game resembles a drum. For reference, the frequency of color loss from the last 100 variations is indicated. The colors are selected from the site’s palette: green, orange, blue. Which allows the csgorun website to look very harmonious

These types of games are located in one menu item. In the first case, it is a single game, in the second a team competition, where you need to choose the number of players from 2 to 5 people. Recently, fans of cs go ras prefer a team game with 2-3 players

Market, also known as inventory— is a convenient game inventory store on the CS go RAS website, where, depending on financial capabilities, you can increase the level of player protection.

Chat is a menu item where participants can conduct free correspondence. Respect for other players and the absence of a mate are welcome.

The CS GO RAS game has earned universal respect among fans of money games. Reviews of CS go RAS on the Internet are mostly positive. Adequate rates, the convenience of withdrawing funds in a reasonable time — all this allows users to return to the game again and again


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