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Script Analog of YouDO mobile apps, web, API


Script Analog of YouDO: mobile apps, web, API


a service for finding reliable specialists to perform household and freelance tasks

The service will help you quickly find reliable specialists in various fields: couriers, repairmen, cleaners, trainers, tutors, beauty masters, etc– – more than 1,500,000 performers


– Verification of the customer, via billing
– Verification of the wizard, through downloading documents
– “complete earlier” if the task is on date X, and the master is ready to complete it a day earlier
– new kind of web version
– master levels
– adding a task by a guest
– advance payment
– Reminder if the task is not paid
– Large logic of user evaluation (4 gradations, and a score from 1 to 5)
– Large logic of scoring, percentages, levels, blocking, reminders of a bad rating, etc.
– And much more


– Completely NEW design
– Added a list of masters
– Sorting of masters
– “Run Earlier”
– New feedback and rating system
– Push
– Triggers
– Reminder if payment is overdue
– Personal tasks
All the tasks and their list are in Trello, where we keep records – that is, the inspector can check how much work has been done


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