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More than 50 fakes of popular sites



There are more than 50 scripts in the archive
Here is an example of one of the scripts

A great phishing script in which you can change almost everything – words / currency /pictures / prices /promo code(s) /products. It can be translated into any language and poured into any country.

All data goes to telegram, instructions are in the archive.txt info how to set up a bot and chat. Validating all fields, validating the card according to the moon algorithm, a system of workers.

Notification when switching to billing (if pouring from the landing page is logical), you can in index.php chat idi put the channel, and in creditcard.php already chatting with employees. Checking for “payment”, just like that on the link thank-you.php you won’t switch, only with payment. There is also a payment by the cue ball, there was a stick in the orig, so you can just change the cue ball icon, enter PyPal and redirect to the merch sticks.


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