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[Engine] The game Combats 2


[Engine] The game Combats 2


working assembly.
You only need to edit the connect.ini file
Not everything works, but partially, because I replaced my achievements with a public, having previously corrected it.
what works:
– fighting ( techniques, clones, bots, animals – everything works, lives, fights, is available )
– ZSH and S are called
– partially made multi-browser (the channel works under all browsers, the arrow runs on the map)
– a total of 9 dungeons, 7 fully operational, 2 partially not implemented, ( some bots and things are missing)
– – 2 towers of death ( files for crowns, but I don’t remember which ones, see the description in bestcombats or oblivion)
– auction, 3 floors + VIP dorm, all shops, lab, potions, runes, in general, all the strays work
– admin panel is just a sight for functionality
– clans are registered, money is withdrawn
– – there are traces of MOD and background graphics, straight hands will help to grasp the general idea.


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