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Dragonmoney roulette script with crash


Dragonmoney roulette script with crash


Modes: Jacpot (Three comantes that are configured in the admin panel)

Double (Configurable in the admin panel, there is a twist)

PVP (Rooms are created by players, and play among themselves)

Crash game mode beta version

The product includes the original live lotto script, with fixes and workable functions, with a full admin panel, as well as the installation service on your server with a payment connection and SSL (https certificate) for free.

The instructions will specify all the details regarding the configuration of the script, connecting the database, configuring the server, configuring the bot and packages. Even a fool can handle it. In the functions of the admin panel, manual output was integrated. The administrator can enable auto-output or manually output players from the database.

Added a new twist on players in jackpot mode, auto-withdrawal (no one canceled manual), smart chat for moderators and admins (/ban / mute /clear), blocking from the Admin panel (complete ban on access to the site), promo codes.

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