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Bingo, Keno & casino script system Nulled Warez


Bingo, Keno & casino script system Nulled Warez

Online Bingo, Keno & casino script
Betting, Casino, Poker and virtual sports

Start your own online bingo & casino website using our powerful script system with all the functions you need to have a full setup.
The open sourcecode allows you to add, change and modify any part of the system, rules, colours and images as you want.
The main difference between a betting script and a white label sweup is that you are actually owning this for yourselve, meaning you can do whatever you
want with just about anything such as controlling winnings, set a maximum winning limit, minimum / maximum bets and so on.

Betting script

PHP with Mysql database
Casino games
Virtual horses
Virtual greyhouds
Accept Real money by Paypal, Skrill, Novipal, Bank, manual credits, bitcoin and 2000+ other crypto currencies.

Server requirements
Dedicated server
WHM Cpanel
A domain name ready to be used.


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