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The script of the new Nvuti + installation


The script of the new Nvuti + installation


The script of a new nvuti with a new design and style. All animations have been worked out, it is possible to add new games to the site.

1. There is all the functionality of the new Nvutibest
2. There are fake bots (smart bots, bets, not default) (Configured in the admin panel) Editing the betting time, number of bots per minute, and so on.
3. Online cheating (Configured in the admin panel)
4. All files are configured very easily, all code is open and without shells.
5. Advertising assistance, we provide a list for selecting ads according to your request.
6. Extension for the admin panel, new functions with site management
7. A very convenient admin panel, in which almost all the functionality of your site is configured.
8. Stable in terms of work. It doesn’t lag, it doesn’t crash by itself, nothing like that. Keeps a big online
9. Auto-installer of the script and packages (we issue it at your request).
10. Optimized for a large online stream directly
11. Added a twist to specific users and all at once (users)
12. New referral system
13. Referral management from the cabinet.
14. Bonus for subscribing to the VK group of the site
15. Integration of promo codes (in the admin area) with the possibility of adding them
16. Checking the balance and deposits on the site in the admin panel
17. Ban, edit players, block output to specific players
18. Security update. We have made fake bots smarter, now they will place bets with alternating small and high. Correction of defects. Code refactoring.


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