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Sources of the game Avangard Online


Sources of the game Avangard Online (avangardonline ru)

“Vanguard Online” is a new stunning free online game that will change your idea of browser-based online role-playing games (MMORPG). The world of the Avant-garde is simple and hospitable – its doors are open both for veterans of role-playing games and for people who have sat down at the computer for the first time.

In order to start playing, you do not need to install additional programs or download a game client – all you need is a regular Internet browser and, of course, an unchanged mouse.

The script is 100% working.
To run, you will need PostgreSQL
1. avangard_odk.sql fill in any PostgreSQL client
2. avangard_clean.backup fill
in the config file via pgAdmin client config.php in the root.


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