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Script ALPHASMS v1.5.1 Nulled


Script ALPHASMS v1.5.1 Nulled

AlphaCMS v1.5.1 is a great social network script. If you need a flexible social network script, then this CMS is for you. I won’t say that the entire implementation of the engine looks great, but there is something there. The script contains all ready-made modules for the social network. Smooth transitions, listening to music and much more are already here.

Last updated: November 5, 2021 at 19:37

1. Fixed downloading audio files.
2. New extensions have been added to the file upload: .pptx, .ppt, .jad, .jar, .apk.
3. The engine officially switches to php 7.3, since in my opinion it is more stable than 7.2. Those who have only 7.2 on the server – it’s okay, the engine will work on it as before.
4. In the control panel, the “Server Configuration” section has been redesigned for the “About the system” section and is linked to the general information widget on the desktop.
5. Added new functions BACK() and FORWARD(). They can be used at the end of the page as “back” and “forward” blocks, specifying as an argument a link where to throw.
6. There are new objects in the class HTML.class.php :
HTML::CHECKBOX – stylized checkboxes.
HTML::RADIO – stylized radio buttons.
HTML::SELECT – select from the list.
The entire site will be translated to them in the near future.
7. The language module has been translated from the ini files into the database. If you have made your own translations in ini files, then you need to download a mini-utility and use it to transfer the data of the ini files to the database (it will appear in the news on the official website after the release of this update immediately).
8. The language pack editor has appeared in the control panel. You can create/edit/delete language packs and of course add/remove phrases with translations.
9. The ability to completely clear correspondence has been added to the dialogs.
10. There is a new SESSION() function that can record parameters in a session, as well as output data from a specific session, acquiring the desired appearance in the code (if NULL – ISSET(), if there is an output parameter). Analog of the functions COOKIE(), GET(), POST(). This idea significantly reduces the development time and simplifies the code.
11. At the bottom of the pages, the language and theme buttons of the site are stylized and made more clickable.
12. In the control panel, it is possible to add banners to the basement of all pages of the site. Banners can be edited or deleted.

You upload files to the hosting from the 3020 folder, fill the tables into the database of their 3020.sql file and register the data from the database in the system/config/global/system.ini file.

Data from the admin: Login 3020 Password 30203020

If you just need to upgrade to a new version, then download the archive 3020_1 through the alpha installer.3.5, which is attached in the folder.


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