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KWORK script


KWORK script


The system is running CMF Cotonti
The main theme of itbirja
Attention! For those who want to get smart, that I am a “huckster” and so on and so on.
I repeat – I (!) paid FOR EVERYTHING (!) edits, bug fixes and a new functionality.
I ordered from the developer – itbirja.
Everything I sell, I personally ordered and paid in FULL to Vladislav.

I bought this theme + fixed a huge number of bugs, and most importantly, added a lot of new functionality, namely:

1. New exchange of orders (with connections)
2. Purchase PRO, where you can specify a discount, (example 1 month 5 euros, 3 months not 15, but 10, and so on)
3. Ban on adding a quark if the phone is not confirmed by SMS
4. Registration by SMS
5. After creating a quark, the system offers to buy advertising
6. Replenishment of the balance with promo codes, and registration with a promo code (a promo code can be issued for 1 use, or X )
7. If the PRO is purchased and there is verification * rating on X
8. Hide contacts until the PRO is purchased
9. Teams – each profile can indicate whether it works in a team or not. Regardless of this, the skills of the master/team are filled in
9.1 Work in the office, at home or whatever, is indicated in the profile
9.2 Search and selection of teams (not to be confused with users), if the profile indicated that it is a team, then it is already being searched for as a team
10. Withdrawal of money from the balance, excluding money that was added with a promo code
11. The ability to order additional services if an order has already been made
11.1 Recom. services on the order page
12. The profile is divided into tabs
13. Automatic recall if there is no response on the order
14. Added “fire” in categories if orders are often placed in them
15. Geotargeting
16. Prohibition to buy quorks if the master’s profile is active, you need to switch (f5 will work)
17. If the customer, then the capabilities of the master are hidden and vice versa
18. PayPal, Stripe + avytovypayments replenishment system
19. PRO and verification pages (new)
20. Fixed bugs + jambs
21. New type of payment for services
22. The mechanism of providing data on the order has been changed
23. The mechanism of sub-payment has been changed
24. “Write a review” if you forgot
25. !!! A new, convenient chat! like Quark’s.
26. Adding your accounts via SMS confirmation
27. A new portfolio page, an exact copy of Kwork, with all the functionality
28. When creating a task on the exchange, you can choose for PRO , for Verifiers.
28.1 When creating a task on the exchange, you can select “ready to judge the price”
29. Tips after payment of the task
30. Blogging system, record keeping by month
31. Hide quorks for the weekend
32. Specialization of the master in the profile
32.1 If there is no PRO, then max 5, if there is – neogr
32.2. In the price tag, only those categories that are selected from No. 32 are added

And much more.
+ 14.01.020 added
1. withdrawal of the number of masters from the X category
2. output of all categories by slide (fits into the new design)
3. UnitPay
payment system is connected 3.1 PayPal payment system is connected
4. The most purchased services, the most valued services


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