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DarkLoader – Loaders Project


DarkLoader – Loaders Project


Admin panel:
1. Full statistics of downloads and unique users
2. Changing loaders’ passwords
3. Issuing a loader subscription
4. Generating a loader by key/without a key
5. Removing the loader
6. Changing the balance of the panel

Personal account:
1. The message about the download, about the increase of the user
2. Change password/nickname
3. Top Download Leaders
4. Downloading loader builds
5. Purchase of additional tasks 4/5
6. Loading the tanks themselves (asi,sf,cleo,exe,lua)
7. Online loader extension

Loader buns:
1. Bypassing DarkP1xel 5.2.5
2. Two versions of the lua loader (With bypass / without bypass (When DP is detected, it does not work, which gives invisibility when using))
3. There is no AVP detector

What the buyer gets:
1. The source code of the site
2. Builder, sources

Loader Control Panel
Automatic hiding of swapped files
Hidden EXE launch
Advanced statistics
Crawls: Dark P1xel v5.2.5, AVP 1.04


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